Modifications to child support are made after the drafting of an original agreement. The law in California allows either parent to request child support modifications if either believe they are receiving insufficient support or are over paying. In other cases, changes in a parent’s life may warrant changes in child custody payments such as unemployment, relocation, or an increase in the child’s financial needs. Modification can also occur when payment amounts have not been paid to a parent.

Child support is a court ordered decree, and can only be modified or changed by a family court. The California Family Law Attorney Group can assist you in creating a new agreement that suits your current circumstances. We recognize that parent’s situations change and that the needs of child are not static. To arrive at an agreeable compromise for you and your child, let an attorney at the California Family Law Attorney Group handle your case.

The initial step in modifying child support is petitioning the courts. Completing the petition require showing substantial changes in circumstances, which can be changes in income. A recalculation will be done if any of the following is true:

  • A parent has one or more new children
  • A parent’s income has increased or decreased
  • A parent’s custody has increased
  • The original support order was incorrect

Modification of child support is time sensitive. You cannot wait to petition for changes in payments after you have failed to pay for months. You must apply for a reduction in your obligations as soon as possible. Call the California Family Law Attorney Group with haste and we will discuss your prospects of attaining a court approval for child support modification.