Parental Relocation

Family law encompasses very difficult matters for individuals and families. Whether you are faced with legal issues such as divorce, spousal support, child support, or visitation rights, it is essential that you have the proper legal representation from the California Family Law Attorney Group. We have experience protecting the rights of fathers, mothers, husbands and wives. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most qualified legal representation to ensure that your interests are met. We will advocate for our clients during the negotiation process but are prepared to intently litigate on behalf of our clients in court. Because we recognize that all matters are unique, we personalize every client’s situation in order to yield the best possible results.

Going through a divorce or other personal family issue is an extremely stressful experience. Often, spouse’s emotions run high and cannot agree on settlements. The California Family Law Attorney Group will intervene with legal counsel to produce an agreement that works for you. We understand the importance of quickly resolving you family law issue so that you may continue with a normal life.

Especially sensitive are cases involving children. Although our clients are of the utmost priority, attorneys at the California Family Law Attorney Group undoubtedly take special interests to protect the wellbeing of children. Not only do family law matters affect each respective spouse, but will have long term effects on children as well. With the sensitivity of your family in mind, the California Family Law Attorney Group will attentively handle your family law case.

Our firm is dedicated to providing excellent legal services to every client. To provide services for all family situations, we also concentrate on family issues such as domestic violence, military divorces, property distribution, mediation, equitable distribution and parental relocation. We will professionally guide you through this difficult time. To find out more about what the California Family Law Attorney Group can do for you, contact us today.