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Alimony, also referred to as “spousal support”, is an important matter in the divorce process.

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Child Custody

A key issue in many divorces is who will be the primary custodian and how will visitation rights be handled.

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Collaborative Divorces

An alternative to litigation whereby the parties attempt to resolve their marital issues in an atmosphere

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Contempt of Court

When the court approves a divorce settlement, the terms of the arrangement are enforceable by law.

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Domestic Violence

A sad reality in too many family relationships is domestic violence. Domestic violence laws are designed

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Equitable Distribution

If the distribution of the marital assets is subject to equitable distribution, the court will examine certain factors

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Mediation is often ordered by the court if there are unresolved child custody issues or other major areas in dispute.

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Military Divorce

Military divorces have some issues that are unique considering the parties’ circumstances

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Modification of Alimony

You will have to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances to justify the change

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Modification of Child Support

you and your spouse can agree to modify child support and have a judge approve it, or otherwise you will have to go to court.

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Permanent Alimony

When the marriage dissolves, the one party may suffer dramatically in lifestyle and living arrangements.

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Property Division

The property rights of the parties are often a matter of dispute, especially in a long marriage with substantial assets.

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Property Rights

The property rights of each spouse in a dissolution can be significant if there are substantial assets or if a party is challenging a prenuptial agreement

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Parental Relocation

Sometimes a parent wishes to relocate to another state and wants the children to accompany him or her.It is essential that you have the proper legal

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Relocation of Children

Relocating your child in a divorce or following one can be devastating to the non-custodial parent or even the child in some cases

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Whether you are contemplating divorce, have already been through a marital dissolution but are having post-divorce issues, or are just beginning the process, it is always helpful to know what you can expect and what the law states about your particular situation. At the Family Law Attorney Group, we can offer you dedicated and knowledgeable divorce attorneys who will explain each step of the process to you and advise you on the intricacies of the domestic law.  Contact the Los Angeles Family Law Attorney Group, divorce lawyers specializing in divorce and family law. An uncontested divorce is one where no material issues are in dispute. You and your spouse agree on child custody, support, distribution of property and any other issues. Your marriage dissolution agreement does have to be court approved so it is wise to have our Los Angeles Family Law attorneys draw it up for you, though we prefer that each party have its own independent counsel review it.

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