Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to taking your divorce case to trial. When going before a court, the judge will make a decision about your case for you. If you and your ex-spouse can come to an agreement on matters such as child support, alimony, and custody, a collaborative divorce can be a much simpler and agreeable process than going to trial. In many cases, a collaborative divorce is quicker, less stressful and less costly, which can be a great benefit to both parties.

Choosing the collaborative approach requires that you and your spouse agree to not use litigation during the divorce. Instead, each spouse and their respective attorney will resolve any issues away from the court. The attorney’s presence serves to ensure that their client’s best interests are represented and protected.

Our collaborative divorce lawyers at the California Family Law Attorney Group will act as your resource, educator, and advocate, always keeping your best interest in mind. We want to keep the peace between spouses and shift the focus to resolving the divorce in a civilized and amicable manner. If you are considering a collaborative divorce, contact the California Family Law Attorney Group for more information on this process.