Contempt of Court

When the court approves a divorce settlement, the terms of the arrangement are enforceable by law. Such terms include child custody, visitation and spousal as well as child support.

The failure of a party to uphold the terms of a divorce puts them in “contempt of the court.” Whether intentional or accidental, a spouse in contempt of the court could face civil or criminal contempt charges, wage garnishment, attorney’s fees, or even jail time. Legally, contempt of court is generally defined as behavior in or out of court that is in violation of a court order. If your spouse habitually ignores the court order, and refuses to meet the agreements of the divorce, it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney at the California Family Law Attorney Group.

We recognize that a refusal to comply with any part of a divorce agreement creates stressful ties between spouses. Support payments are necessary for spouses, and their children to survive, and thus payments must be adhered to as ordered. The attorneys of the California Family Law Attorney Group know how important compliance issues can be following a divorce, and a member of the legal team is ready to speak with you about your case to determine the most effective course of action.

Dealing with a spouse in contempt of the court is a grave issue that requires the knowledge of an excellent family lawyer from the California Family Law Attorney Group. We will prepare your case for court in order to pursue contempt charges. If you find yourself in contempt of the court, we will work to defend you against these charges in an enforcement hearing. Here at the California Family Law Attorney Group, we understand the importance of these issues and want to represent your best interest. Call us to find out more information regarding your unique situation.