Modification of Alimony

Modification of alimony is changes in alimony are ordered by the court when substantial events occur that affect your ability to pay, or when situations in your life call for continued alimony payments. In some cases, circumstances for both parties require changes in the type or amount of alimony. At the California Family Law Attorney Group, we understand that as years pass, needs change. Our attorneys can meet with you to discuss your particular circumstances and determine the likelihood of modification of alimony.

Because alimony is ordered by court, any changes to a court order must be carefully handled. A lawyer at the California Family Law Attorney Group will make sure to take the proper steps are taken and that any alterations are legally changed. Mutual agreements between spouses are invalid in a court of law and are not legally binding. You will avoid future disputes regarding changes in alimony by contacting an attorney at the California Family Law Attorney Group to protect your legal rights during a modification of alimony.

There are important steps to achieving a post-divorce modification of alimony. For example, the party requesting a change in alimony bears the burden of proof to demonstrate that significant events in their life merit modification of the original terms. Some situations absolutely warrant change in alimony, such as unemployment or a spouse’s dramatic shift in needs. If any major changes occur in your life, speak to an attorney at the Genesis Law who will take your modification of alimony case from start to finish.

We realize that your living circumstances depend on the amount of alimony set forth in your initial divorce agreement. A skilled an aggressive attorney from the California Family Law Attorney Group will help you settle modifications. Especially when your case is time sensitive, it is important that you retain our legal guidance. Let us simplify the modification process for you and obtain a modification of alimony to suit your needs. Contact the California Family Law Attorney Group today to get started.