Child Care

Besides dealing with the heartbreakingly tough transition of divorce, one of the most sensitive issues to sort out is child support. Child support is paid by the noncustodial parent to the parent with custody. The financial support is meant to assist with the child’s living expenses. Child support is generally utilized for costs such as medical, education, childcare, and other expenses. However difficult, it is necessary that child support is properly planned and configured. Regardless of whether separating parents were married or not, child support in the interest of the child should be addressed.

There are several factors and guidelines that are taken into account when adjusting the amount of child support required by one parent. A knowledgeable child support lawyer at the California Family Law Attorney Group will help you understand these guidelines.

Child support payment is usually determined based on the number of children and the combined yearly income of both parents. Although situations vary, the following basic calculation is used to decide how much will be paid by the noncustodial parent:

  • 1. One Child requires 17% of the parents’ combined income
  • 2. Two Children require 25% of the parents’ combined income
  • 3. Three Children require 29% of the parents’ combined income
  • 4. Four Children require 31% of the parents’ combined income
  • 5. Five or More Children require no less than 35% of the parents’ combined income

Other factors may cause the court to increase or decrease the amount of child support awarded to the parent with custody; in cases of special educational or medical costs. The court might also consider a different amount if agreed upon by both parents. However, every situation and family is unique and has differing circumstances that stray from the standard child support calculation. To discuss what you can expect in your child support situation, call on the California Family Law Attorney Group to guide you. We want to ensure that court-ordered payments are adhered to and that your children are provided fair support.